Simulated vs. hardware devices.

I’ve got a new IoT companion :)

Unfortunately, our cooperation is not as smooth as I had hoped, but we are slowly getting along. That brings me to the following question:

In what cases are simulating devices good enough, and when must we use real hardware?

I often simulate IoT devices because they are managed using software that enables:

  • Fast initial setup.
  • Efficient prototyping.
  • Load testing of any number of units.
  • Verification of the edge-logic and cloud backend.

On the other hand, hardware brings unique challenges that can not be easily emulated. There are cases when we do not know if the root cause of some issue lies in the software/firmware or the hardware configuration.
Starting from simulated devices helps eliminate most software and cloud issues in a controlled, virtual environment. After the initial end-to-end testing phase, we can safely proceed to the hardware components.

Would you agree with that approach?

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