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How does open-source transform manufacturing? - with Jeremy Theocharis, the Co-Founder & CTO @ United Manufacturing Hub.

Embracing Open Source for Industrial IoT Transformation Welcome to the Internet of Things Equation podcast. I’m thrilled to share insights from my latest episode, in which we dive deep into the transformative power of open-source technology in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). My guest, Jeremy Theocharis, co-founder and CTO of the United Manufacturing Hub, shared invaluable insights into his journey and the innovative approach to IIoT. The Challenge with Traditional Manufacturing Solutions Traditional manufacturing solutions often come with significant challenges.

AWS cares about your bill... in a good way!

Let me tell you a story about my recent findings. While building an IoT solution for one of my customers, I realized that the Lambda service was not accessible in the customer’s AWS Account. Since I know how to manage permissions, I decided to add the required privileges to my AWS user. To my surprise, the AWS console still presented the Access denied with UnknownError. That was a bit strange, so I granted myself Administrator privileges to investigate the issue.

A Game Plan If You Lose Your IoT Platform - with Aaron Allsbrook, CTO @ ClearBlade.

Facing the challenges of IoT offerings shutdown?🔌 Our conversation with Aaron Allsbrook, CTO at ClearBlade, delves into the process, challenges, and strategies for migrating IoT platforms without losing momentum.🚀 A critical listen for businesses navigating the volatile IoT landscape. 🎧 Topics covered: IoT Platform Definition: Understanding the practical meaning of an IoT Platform. 💡 Choosing an IoT Platform Provider: Three key pillars to consider when making the decision. 🧐 Business Model Alignment: The importance of alignment between the IoT - Platform provider and the buyer’s business models.

The importance of synthetic data in designing, developing, and testing IoT solutions.

It is critical to design, develop, and test IoT solutions efficiently and effectively. To enable that agility, solution developers require access to telemetry - data that is (or will be) generated by IoT devices. Unfortunately, acquiring that information is more complicated than it might seem. Utilizing hardware prototypes to obtain telemetry data is inefficient for the following reasons: ❌ The hardware and firmware developed are parallel to the backend application, creating dependency and impacting the application development.

IoT: The Steam Engine of the Digital Revolution

Like the steam engine that revolutionized transportation and industry in the 19th century, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform our world if properly applied. The steam engine, invented by James Watt in the late 18th century, powered the Industrial Revolution, leading to significant advancements in transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture. Similarly, IoT has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. The Steam Engine was just a piece of hardware that did not provide any value on its own.

AWS IoT Core X.509 Certificates training available

Are you ready to conquer the myth of insecure IoT systems? 🛡️ Would you like to learn about the X.509 Certificates 🔐 used by the AWS IoT ☁️ in an easy-to-understand way? I just published my training that unlocks the secrets of a secure Internet of Things using AWS IoT and X.509 Certificates! 🔑 Topics covered: Trust establishment in distributed IoT systems using AWS IoT Core 🤝 X.509 Certificates and their role in mutual authentication 🔐 Public and Private Keys and their relationship to X.