IoT Consultant - is it worth it

I posted some technical content but never mentioned if it is worth it to be a professional IoT Consultant.

As an IoT Consultant, you have many responsibilities:

  • help to define the Business Use Case
  • help to predict the potential Business Value provided by some new prototype
  • assist in Solution Architecture design
  • ensure that the designed system is secure at every layer: device, connectivity, cloud backend

You need to have strong technical background:

  • linux os
  • networking
  • cryptography
  • coding in a few programming languages
  • cloud services

You need to constantly learn in order to be up-to-date with new technologies, solutions, attack vectors, … .

So it requires significant effort to be the professional IoT Consultant.

Is it even worth it?

That is very subjective and I can speak only from my own perspective.

For me personally, it is very rewarding to have the end-to-end understanding of an IoT initiative.

To see the connection between the high-level Business Vision, understand the Business Value, and know how it is delivered/generated on the very low level (device firmware, processing logic, cloud infrastructure etc.).

That end-to-end visibility gives the unique perspective. The IoT Consultant can leverage this unique perspective to consult/advise at every stage of an IoT initiative and at every business/technical level of details.

So yes, for me, the effort to remain a professional IoT Consultant is worth it.

What about you???

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