Starting the Internet of Things (IoT) journey

Starting the Internet of Things (IoT) journey might be intimidating. IoT is not a “single thing”, it is a blend of multiple technologies and concepts.

I learned security, distributed system design, and other IoT-related topics the hard way. Often the wrong way. I made some painful mistakes during that process. It took me years to fully understand some concepts.

I would like to help you kickstart your IoT journey in the simplest way possible. It does not require any devices, only an AWS account.

I created a preconfigured IoT Lab for people interested in learning about the Internet of Things and building IoT solutions leveraging the AWS Cloud.

The IoT Lab is free to use. You can modify it according to your needs.

During this recorded live meeting, I explained the creation of the IoT Lab in your AWS account.

I presented a demo session utilizing this interactive IoT Lab to explain how to use it.

If you choose so, I can guide you during your IoT education.

I offer the “Introduction to IoT at AWS” training covering a general overview of the IoT domain, various aspects of connectivity, and device management using AWS Cloud.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the IoT and the offered training.

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