IoT Frameworks - why to use them?

Definition: A framework is an essential supporting structure that allows building things upon it.

Whenever I help customers design and build an Internet of Things solution, I typically recommend starting with the IoT Framework.

Beginning the solution development without defining the framework introduces significant risk.

The created functionality delivers the expected business outcomes but (often) does not support adding new capabilities. As a result, the code base becomes challenging to manage, hindering future extensions and error-prone.

The IoT Framework does not have to be sophisticated to provide value. All that is required is a careful planning session BEFORE starting the solution development.

Reasons to utilize an IoT Framework:

  • Extensible design.
  • Efficient development.
  • Solution complexity reduction.

Functionalities of an IoT Framework:

  • Initial device connectivity.
  • Device maintenance tasks.
  • Deployment of business applications.


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