IoT as an enabler rather than the business goal.

Most of my materials describe various technical aspects of IoT. I am sharing my experience so you can leverage it to improve your solutions. Additionally, I want to assist newcomers in entering the exciting Internet of Things space.

During this presentation at the IoT Alliance webinar, I wanted to emphasize that the mindset is more important than technology in IoT initiatives. Spreading that message deserves more attention from my side. I witnessed spectacular failures of massive IoT undertakings. Most of them collapsed because of inadequate mindset, not some technical challenges. We can work around technical difficulties using various approaches, and there is often a way to solve them. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to avoid disaster if the project team (business stakeholders included) refuses to change their attitude.

If you are interested in this topic, please check my slides from the IoT Alliance webinar:

IoT is an enabler - presentation

My previous post provided a non-technical real-life explanation of PoC, PoV, and MVP concepts. It is very relevant to this topic, and I strongly encourage you to read it:

PoC, PoV, MVP - what is the difference?

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