"Introduction to IoT at AWS" training is available!

Hello everyone!

I published the “Introduction to IoT at AWS” training.

It is available as live virtual sessions and self-study materials.

During this training, you will learn:

  • The fundamental principles of the Internet of Things (IoT),
  • How to represent devices in the AWS IoT Core device registry,
  • How to establish trust in a distributed IoT environment,
  • How to use the Private Key and X.509 Certificate as proof of identity for devices,
  • The basics of the MQTT protocol, the various connectivity options it provides, and the best practices in designing the MQTT Topic structure,
  • How to ensure end-to-end message delivery in distributed IoT environment,
  • The best practices for designing the MQTT Topics,
  • Important limits of the AWS IoT Core service,
  • … and many more IoT-related aspects!

You can find details at: https://www.thingrex.com/training/#introduction-to-iot-at-aws---part-1-connectivity

I hope that it will be interesting for you!

Any feedback is very welcome.

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