Why Infrastructure as Code is crucial to effectively managing your assets?

Modern solutions utilize distributed infrastructure to deliver business value. Manual management of those assets is error-prone, time-consuming, and does not scale.

Fortunately, we often leverage a virtual infrastructure offered by the cloud providers. One of the benefits of a cloud is that we can describe it using code. That approach is called Infrastructure as Code (IaC). ​

​What benefits does IaC offer?​

IaC enables using agile software development methodology to describe and manage infrastructure.

As a result, we achieve the:

  • Ease of reviewing the environment’s configuration because it is defined using the source code. You don’t need to log into the AWS Web Console and manually browse cloud resources.
  • Quick reproducibility of the working setup by invoking our code again. Moreover, we can experiment with various configurations by modifying the parameters of our invocations.
  • Version the source code to track changes introduced to the environment. This is crucial for debugging and auditory purposes.

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) offers a modern way to manage Infrastructure as Code. I will cover that tool in my future posts.

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