28.07.2022 AWS User Group Poland - Silesia 2/2022

I had an opportunity to speak about how to start with the IoT @ AWS in a secure way at the AWS User Group Poland meeting in Katowice.

The meeting was held in Leśniczówka Rock’n’Roll Cafe - a very nice wooden building in the middle of Park Śląski.

Rock'n'Roll Cafe
Rock'n'Roll Cafe

I covered the following topics in my presentation:

  • What are the main attack vectors and how to defend the IoT ecosystem?
  • How to work with a huge fleet of IoT Devices facing challenges of the real-file deployments?
  • How to securely manage the identities of IoT Devices?
  • How to establish a secure connection between IoT Devices and AWS IoT Core?

This was an offline meeting and no recording is available :(

You can download my demonstration notebook (please mind that is NOT an official AWS Sample (yet)).

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